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  • SportNetManager is not an agency.
  • SportNetManager is No. 1 place to be seen.
  • Conect with each other.
  • Increase Your chances to be seen.
SportNetManager is a must for any basketball player. With just a few mouse clicks you have a unique profile that contains all the necessary information. For those of us who seek players, this is a very valuable tool that gives us an overview of players from all over the world. It is great that you can watch a video and there is no need for departures to the game.
SportNetManager is great for players, coaches and agents, and is a great tool for players to get exposure to teams and coaches from around the world.

Željko Sarić
Board Member KK Kvarner 2010

This page is something unbelievable and exactly what basketball needed. I found this site while I was without a club and joined up. After 2 weeks I received a phone call and again I had a club. It is great that I practically maintain my profile. When I missed one game due to problems in the back, I just sent a mail to SportNetManager and they changed my status in: 'misses the next match because of problems with back'.
SportNetManager is ideal for younger players who do not have an agent and want to succeed in the world of basketball.

Hrvoje Puljko
Basketball Player

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